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Privacy Terms

We, the AJL Consulting, are pleased about your interest in our Website. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Below we will inform you in detail about the handling of your data.

Responsible For Data Processing
Management:  Simon Lehmann
AJL Consulting LLC/GmbH, Switzerland
Phone + 41 (0) 79 262 47 57

Use of Personal Data

If personal data such as name, email or postal address is collected, stored or processed, this is done within the scope of the statutory provisions or insofar as you voluntarily provide us with this information. Your personal data will only be passed on to the extent that you have consented to it or it is necessary to pass in order to fulfill our transmission.  

Purpose of Processing

Purpose A: to log website visits based on the IP address in order to evaluate the number of page visits.
Purpose B: System events IP address login to Troubleshoot.
Purpose C:  The salutation, title, first name, surname, company, postal address, telephone number, fax number, and email address in the contact form is documented for the purpose of contacting and visiting.
Purpose D: Personal data like email address, title, first name, surname are processed to send out routinely newsletters at the recipient’s request, to log in the application on the basis of the IP address, to prevent applications by third parties, and to optimize the personal key data for content and technical purpose (see below ” Newsletter”)
Purpose E: The website login visits in terms of Cookies are processed for statistical analysis of user access and technical optimization (see below “Cookies” and “web analysis“)

Legal Basis of the Processing

The processing of purpose A, B and E shall be carried out on the basis of legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6 par. 1 letter of EU DSGVO

Processing of purpose C and D is carried out on the basis of the voluntary consent of the contact form the sender in accordance with Article 6 para. 1 letter of the EU-DSGVO – consent by the person concerned in accordance with art. 4, Para. 2 no. 11 DSGVO

Legitimate Interests of the Processor

For purpose A: The Website is used for acquiring the potential contract partners and transmitting the information to interested parties. Given that, the data of purpose A is collected to measure the effectiveness of this page and optimize the page on the basis of collected data.
For purpose B: The system events are stored and evaluated to ensure the technical availability of the site permanently. In order to be able to detect and prevent intentional events, all events are stored together with IP addresses.
For purpose D: The Website is used to obtain new contractual partners and to transmit information to interested parties. The data of the purpose D is collected to measure the effectiveness of this page and optimize the page on the basis of this data.

Recipients of the Data

For purpose A, B, C, and D, the data will not be made available to third parties. Access to the data through our data processor for the Hosting, operation and development of this website – – is, however, possible.

Duration of Storage

  • Purpose A: 12 Months
  • Purpose B: 12 Months
  • Purpose C: 6 Months
  • Purpose D: 6 Months

Data Subjects Are Free of the Following Property Right Charges

  • Right of Withdrawal: You can withdraw your voluntary consent at any time.
  • Right to Information: You can request to overview all your data stored with us. Any time.
  • Right of Deletion: In the case of any legal or contractual data storage obligation, you can demand the data deletion, anytime.
  • Right of Restriction: You can restrict your consent to data processing at any time to certain areas.
  • Right of Objection: You can object the data processing which serves to carry out the public interest or legitimate interests of the processor at any time but in the presence of reasons out of their particular Situation.
  • Right to Amend: You can correct the incorrect or false entered data, any point of time.
  • Right to Data Portability: You have the right to ask for your personal data that has been transmitted to another entity in a structured, standard or machine-readable Format.

Right of Appeal

Each concerned data controller has a right of appeal to the data protection supervisory authority of his country or to the supervisory authority responsible for website operations. The following Supervisory Authority is responsible for the website operations:

State Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information
Seestrasse 2
Regierungsgebäude am Postplatz
6301 Zug
Tel: +41 41 728 31 87


Our Website uses Cookies to optimize its functionality depending on your browser settings. Cookies are small text files that are cached on your device, however, our Website server is notified every time you access our site. Basically, the Browser sends the previously received Cookie to our Server. These Cookies collect information about your access to our Website (e.g. Date, Time, page accessed, Browser used, IP address). If you want to prevent the storage of Cookies, you can do it by adjusting your browser settings. However, the usability of the Website may be limited without recourse to Cookies, to the extent that you use our Website with the appropriate settings for the storage of Cookies, you consent to the use of the Cookies described.

Web Analysis

Our website uses an Open-Source Software for statistical evaluation of user access. Our web analysis tool also uses Cookies to enable an analysis of user’s access to our website. The website use/access data collected through cookies is stored on our Server in Switzerland. The IP address is anonymized immediately after processing and before its storage.

If you don’t want to share your browsing data with us, you can change your browser settings accordingly or you can use the following selection to determine that no evaluations of your usage behavior should be made by Open-Source Software. Your visits to this Website are currently recorded by Webanalysis Tool. You can decide here whether you want to allow the operator of the Website to collect and analyze various statistical data. If you wish to opt out, please click on the following Link to place the Webanalysis Tool deactivation Cookie in your Browser:

“Click here to stop tracking your visits.”


You can subscribe to a Newsletter from the Website. Once you register for the newsletter, we use your email address and, when required, salutation, title, first name, surname-for the purposes of the personal address, invitation, and Information about new projects, concepts, and events, until you unsubscribe from the subscription.

When setting up the application, we use a confirmation procedure. You will only get the Newsletter by email once your registration is confirmed. Your data will not be passed on to any third party, except for those partner companies which are responsible for the technical processing of the sending out emails to your search order. In such cases, the scope of the data transmitted is limited to the necessary data only. In order to prevent third parties from registering on your behalf, we are legally obliged to save the IP address and the time of your Newsletter confirmation. In order to continuously optimize content and technical integrity, your personal data is collected. Which includes delivery of spam marked emails, time of email opening, click rates per recipient and unsubscriptions.

The analyses for clicked Links (Clickmap), country of origin, used end devices and email Clients are anonymized. For any reason, you wish to cancel your registration and no longer receive a Newsletter, you can cancel it at any time with effect for the future. A notification to the contact details below is sufficient. However, you will also find an unsubscribe Link in all your emails as part of the newsletter.

registered office address

For all inquiries, please contact
AJL Consulting LLC/GmbH
Gubelstrasse 11
6300 Zug