merger & acquisitions

With our strong reputation and extensive network in the startup industry, we serve as a bridge for startups and scaleups to the corporate world. AJL Consulting advises companies of various sizes regarding available market opportunities that can help solve technical and business challenges and increase total profitability. We support companies in all stages of the transaction, from opportunity assessment to negotiations, to due diligence to post-merger integration.

Examples of the service we provide:

  • Enhance a business' valuation prior to a trade deal
  • Conduct a company sale
  • Conduct a company acquisition

We specialise in tasks where practical, hands-on experience is required. In many situations, the company management requires resources and additional expertise to research every aspect of a deal. Shareholders also need an independent expert point of view to make sure the transaction will bring competitive advantages. We focus on people and make sure your next M&A Deal will lead to successful completion and reach the desired outcome for all parties involved.

strategic consulting

We help companies of all sizes with fundraising, as well as building strategic partnerships within the online travel industry.

Our global network of industry experts, data resources, angel investors, and private equity and venture capital firms makes AJL Consulting distinctly strong.

As experienced serial angel investors ourselves, we take an active role in developing our projects with the management teams of the companies we work with to achieve the best possible results for all our clients.

We also consult regarding new market expansion, growth strategies, raising capital, recruiting and building teams.


We coach and train travel technology start-ups, large multinational property management companies, serviced apartment operators, and private equity and venture capital firms.

We help our clients develop comprehensive strategies and guide them throughout the company journey; from planning to the execution and implementation of suggested strategies.

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